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Did you secure everything this week?


Thought it would be an excellent time for a small blog post about this weeks security issues and patches. A large number of  updates was released – keeping not only ITSec but also sysadmins quiet busy. Let’s ensure you didn’t forget one of those… and I bet you were affected by at least one of the vulnerabilities ;)


Adobe has released an security update addressing critical vulnerabilities (over 30 CVEs!) including possible code execution flaws. You should check out Adobes security bulletin APSB15-19 and ensure that all clients use the latest version ( of flash.


In the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-AUG which came in on-time for the patch tuesday, they have announced patches for 14 different problems across all products with severities up to critical. As some of the flaws are already being used in the wild, you should have patched all your systems by now.

And it’s Friday…

If you have some time left today, you should seriously consider reading the rant blogpost by Oracle’s Chief Security Officer Mary Ann Davidson. I’ll leave the judgment about this blog post to you… I think many others have stated their opinion about this throughout the web before.

That’s it for today. Hope I’ll find time to write here more often… but then, you probably also know that patching comes first ;)