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Another Flash 0-Day: CVE-2015-0313


Looks like we can’t have two weeks without a flash 0-Day. Today, Feb 2nd, Adobe released another security advisory revealing CVE-2015-0313.  Adobe says that they’re aware of this Flash exploit being actively abused (they’re probably referring to the TendMicro blogpost).

Successful exploitation could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system– Adobe

TendMicro reports that users of “dailymotion.com” were infected by an ad loading a SWF which used the discovered zero-day. Adobe wants to release a fix for this particular zero-day later this week. I doubt CVE-2015-0313 won’t be the last Flash zero-day we’ll see this year. As soon as new information is released, I’ll update this blogpost.

You can force a Flash Player update as soon as the new version is released.

Update: Adobe Flash Player version is going to be shipped from 4th Feb 2015.


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